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This heavy duty polished brass skull key chain embodies the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. 

Each feature on the 20 skulls is superbly articulated; from the powerful jaws to the piercing eye sockets that dare you to look away. A striking and unique key chain, LMS means business. 

Oz Abstract original, 100% handmade from bronze. 

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Don’t be fooled by its name, Tiny is every bit the heavyweight in the wallet chain arena.

Fashioned from solid sterling silver weighing in at 360 gr this is urban fashion at its finest and fiercest. The weighty, luxurious silver chain is beautifully detailed and crafted with symmetrical grooves set on the back.

It attaches with elegant S hook clasps for maximum style. 

A sublime piece for serious collectors of the rare and exceptional. 

Oz Abstract original, 100% handmade from sterling silver. 

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生者必滅の舞 - Syoujya Hitsumetsu no Mai  (The Dance of Life)   (The Dance of Life)

The Front Side;

Syoujya Hitsumetsu no Mai (生者必滅の舞), is explained in the Buddhist Impermanence.

No matter how prosperous and prolific ones life may be, decline, flux, and finally perish are inevitable. Life will always end.
It does not matter how enjoyable and fulfilling life may be, the idea of its inevitable ending is a constant reflection of our everyday existence.

In that sense and keeping the above in mind, life`s greatness should be embraced and each moment should be seized and appreciated for its beauty.

The Back Side;

Reflecting on the teachings of the Buddhist Impermanence, the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.
The endless fight of ones life, winning and losing and the scramble of our existence in this world is a repeating reality through out our destiny. 

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Stylish genuine leather Double buckle wrist band.(Black)

Free size.

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