Post Purchase & Maintenance Services

Oz Abstract customers can take advantage of our variety of post purchase & maintenance services.

Post purchase & Maintenance Services include the following:

  • Cleaning & polish service.
  • Surface scratch removal service.
    Depending on the item and level of damage charges may apply.
    Depending on the depth of scratches some may not be able to be removed and polished completely.
  • Re-Oxidization service.
  • Matt finishing service.
  • Re-Sizing of ring service.
    Depending on the ring type and requested size charges may apply.
  • Re-Sizing the length of chains.
    Maybe impossible for some chains.
    Although cutting a chain short is doable for most models, it maybe impossible to extend the length of certain designs.
  • Setting & Re-Setting of stones.
    Depending on the stone and service type, charges may apply.
  • For any other services you may require, including custom work, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


  • For all Post purchase & Maintenance Services shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Charges may apply for certain services.
    None the less, it is our promise to our clientele to always maintain reasonable and affordable rates for these services and whenever possible supply these services free of charge.
  • Post purchase & Maintenance Services apply only for jewelry and accessories purchased at Oz Abstract Online Boutique or Tokyo head store.

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