​C365 is a tough and edgy jewelry brand designed and created by world famous artist and notorious knife maker Nakayama Hidetoshi aka The Blade... › Read more

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More about this design;

Nakayama Hidetoshi hand carved lizard netsuke knife.

Unbelievable level of craftsmanship. Extremely unique and rare collectors item. 

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More about this design;

An exquisite work-of-art by master knife legend Hidetoshi Nakayama.

Hand carved and manipulated from raw steel to the extent of mind blowing accuracy and sense.
Mounted with a hand sculptured, custom fit, natural wood casings on both parts of the pen to complete this classic and simply perfect accessory.

Extremely durable single action function to click the pen out or retrieve it back. Articulated with a fully replaceable cartridge system.

100% handmade in Japan. Extremely rare H. Nakayama masterpiece. 

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More about this design:

Killer new release by grandmaster Nakayama Hidetoshi. The Armor of Skulls Bracelet featured exclusively with OzTKY. Dramatic and powerful wrist piece for serious collectors. 

100% handmade in Japan.

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