​C365 is a tough and edgy jewelry brand designed and created by world famous artist and notorious knife maker Nakayama Hidetoshi aka The Blade... › Read more

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More about this design;

An amazing steampunk knock-pen by knife maker Nakayama Hidetoshi.
Featuring a powerful steel spring set on top the frame to complete an extreme and unique look.
Smooth and durable functionality with a replaceable ink tank, this masterpiece original pen is an upgrade to any serious collection.

A rare and unique piece of the highest standards.
100% hand crafted in Japan from solid steel and brass. Personally signed by master Nakayama. 

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This is a radical and groundbreaking mechanical key grip by Nakayama Hidetoshi. One of the rarest pieces in the collection.

Amazing and full of originality. From design to function this is an awsome piece of gear for serious collectors.

100% handmade from solid brass and signed in Japan by Nakayama Hidetoshi.

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More about this design;

Beautiful and exceptional knife by master Nakayama Hidetoshi.
Rare and dramatic collectors piece for the serious only.

100% handmade in Japan.

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More about this design: 

An exclusive edition to the Hanya series by Nakayama Hidetoshi. Featuring the Hanya mask necklace in a rough and unique, oxidized finish. 
Each and every piece is hand carved and finished by creator Nakayama Hidetoshi and will have its own special and different touches through-out the piece. 

Extremely rare and truly fantastic collectors item. 
100% hand made in Japan from sterling silver 925 and available with a 50cm chain set.

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