​C365 is a tough and edgy jewelry brand designed and created by world famous artist and notorious knife maker Nakayama Hidetoshi aka The Blade... › Read more

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The Armor bracelet by Master Nakayama Hidetoshi.
A classic and aggressive wearable work of art.

100% handmade in Japan and available in black or dark green cord.

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This is a radical and groundbreaking mechanical key grip by Nakayama Hidetoshi. One of the rarest pieces in the collection.

Amazing and full of originality. From design to function this is an awsome piece of gear for serious collectors.

100% handmade from solid brass and signed in Japan by Nakayama Hidetoshi.

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Solid sterling silver skull necklace by Master Nakayama Hidetoshi.
Realistic and deep wearable netsuke sculpture by one of the most prolific and talented Japanese artists in the world.

Extremely rare and exclusive piece of collectors jewelry.

100% handmade in Japan from sterling silver.


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More about this design:

An amazing and extra-ordinary creation by designer and notorious knife maker Nakayama Hidetoshi.
Flawless and accurate Hanya demon ring. Traditional and raw… this is by far the best Hnaya ring we ever had on display.  Highly rare and aggressive piece of jewelry, featuring the Japanese demon Hanya:

"According to Japanese culture and legends of the Kabuki theatre, the Hanya mask symbolises a woman who has grown horns and became disfigured due to feelings of overwhelming jealousy and obsession. The mask is usually used to ward off evil and bad spirits… "

Massive and full of attitude, this uncanny and shocking piece of jewelry comes highly recommended and can be found no where else. 100% hand made from solid bronze and available in a range of sizes. 

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