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The Company

Oz Abstract Co., Ltd. was established in 2004.

Operating vigorously since in central Tokyo, Japan, Oz Abstract is a standard setting Jewelry and accessory designer, producer and manufacturer.

Focusing mainly on Gothic and Rock Jewelry and proudly introducing mind blowing collections inspired by everything from mid-evil era to urban culture, music, fashion and the elements that define our lives in this sad and beautiful world.

Introducing a blend of our original, rare collections combined with legendary, underground Japanese and International designers combines into a selection of jewelry lineup that is available no where else.

Oz Abstract and its teams are leading the scene and setting the trends of the industry. From design to quality of material, our master jewelers and craftsman spare no detail. Never compromising and sparing no expense, with our clients in mind, each piece is crafted to perfection. We take much pride in what we do and value our customers passionately.

To stand out in this competitive, viral and demanding market our professional and confident customer service is here for you. Before and after you choose to do business with us.

The Store

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Behind The Wheel

O.J.S : Founder, President, and Art Director.

OJS is entrusted of all facets of the Oz Abstract operations. From collection concept, design, quality control and direction to the financial aspects. He inspects and approves the process to the most minor of details.

A notorious name in the industry, with mega creative sense and a serious feel for the market he is entrusted with introducing you with the most exciting, provocative and innovative jewelry in the world. Through years of experience OJS has established collaborations with some of the most talented and rare players around in the goal of bringing you these unique Underground collections.

Tomoko Kawashima : Share Holder, Vice President, Consigliere & Inspirational force.

Tomoko is the inspirational, breathtaking force behind the corporation.

Involved in all aspects of management and decision making process in all Oz Abstract Co., Ltd`s global business.

She has been here from the very beginning, when everything was just a vision. Helping to form everything into shape. She is the heart and soul of the whole operation.

Ryan A. Bruss : Online Boutique Partner and chief adviser, Head Photographer, Fashion director and Social media expert.

A surgeon with the Nikon, Ryan A. is the force that brings you all the incredible & flawless images presented on our Online Boutique.

Images you can feel and relate too, Ryan makes each piece come alive in a soft and intimate fashion. Producing all model shoots in our galleries, he is a name to be reckoned with in Tokyo`s street and studio photography industry.

With clients like:
Mercedes Benz, Miss Universe Japan, Ducati, Vitamin Water, Asia Tribe and many many more.

As our head of social media department he is also entrusted with connecting Oz Abstract to the viral online world. Producing and maintaining all social media aspects of the company. 

The Online Boutique

In the winter of 2011 we decided to take our online business to a whole new level.

We have been doing business with you guys for a long time, both on & offline, and our domestic & international client base grew constantly.
In order to serve you better we had to come up with a formula that will bring you all of our collections under one domain.  For more than a year we have been working nonstop to create this amazing and unique web store.

We launch the site with thousands and thousands of new, crisp images of our entire line up. Including all brands, collaborations, limited editions, one of a kind designs and previously un-seen and never before released pieces of jewelry.

Our web architect and programer created a completely original, customized system to suit our needs. Using the highest standards of e-commerce technology with new and revolutionary features, The Oz Abstract Online Boutique is a bilingual & international, professional jewelry web store like no other.

From our interactive layout, fast loading high resolution images, zoom options, over all simplicity to our one page express check out. The Oz Abstract Online Boutique was specially engineered and designed to introduce you to the coolest jewelry collections in the world today! And give you the smoothest and most satisfying online shopping experience you deserve. 


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