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The SAITAL combo eagle ring. Emphasizing freedom, dedication and leadership.

Assembled from sterling silver and red gold, encrusted with shimmering crystal eyes.

Mesmerizing accuracy and attention to details. Fine and sensible carvings with supreme balance to complete this awesome piece of jewelry.

100% handmade in Japan and available in a wide range of sizes.

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These beautifully flowing, elegant earrings make a unique and luxurious addition to any female deviant’s collection.

A beautifully hand carved silver tulip leads to oxidised silver chains that sway gracefully with every step. A shimmering Zirconia is set delicately in the earring stud which is completed by an 18 karat gold erring pin.

100% handmade Oz Abstract Tokyo original. Available as a pair or single piece.

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Articulated and fanatic human brain ring.

100% handmade in Japan from sterling silver.

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