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More about this design:

In homage to whimsical fantasy and candid drama; this Oz Abstract Tokyo original ring presents a striking tribute to the inspirational, timeless entertainment of theatre.

Beautifully crafted with dept and detail; Comedy & Tragedy is an emblematic piece that both inspires and provokes for a rare and treasured memento on the nature of life.

100% handmade from sterling silver, this unisex design is available in a range of sizes and will fitcomfortably on any finger.

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More abou this design;

A deadly and exceptionally vicious custom skull ring by the provocative and genius designer Takuro Sato of STS.

Fully carved and decorated with multi motives and elements.
Perfectly combining sterling silver and brass to complete this very limited edition, handmade piece of luxury rock jewelry.

100% handmade in Japan. Slight changes and variations may apply upon order of this magnificent work of art.

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More about this design:

In homage to the well known folk song, Dem Bones are a quirky and highly original piece fashioned from fine sterling silver in the likeness of a caressing skeletal hand and fingers.

The ideal piece for fans of the eerie and unconventional.

100% handmade Oz Abstract Tokyo original piece. Available as a pair or single piece.

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