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This mysterious pendant greets all who behold it with a chilling, unearthly gaze.

An enchanting and mystical piece from the popular Oz Abstract Temptation Series; The Ball bears a luminous human-like blue glass eye.

Custom crafted in South England and encased in a sterling silver orb; this is a cool and distinctive underground item of quality jewelry.

100% handmade, available with a 60cm chain set. 

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More about this design:

These gorgeous whimsical chimes make an ideal neck charm for ardent dreamers.

The elegant, rippling design is finely crafted from sterling silver with the word ‘dreams’ carefully inscribed on the inside of the longest chime.

100% handmade Oz Abstract Tokyo original piece.

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More about this design;

Lucifer head necklace by Solid Traditional Silver.
Great craftsmanship and style to complete this unusual masterpiece.

100% handmade in Japan from sterling silver 925.

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Free Mason medal brass necklace by Oz Abstract Tokyo

100% Handmade in Japan.

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