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The hypnotic gaze of The Eye of Eyes will follow all who behold it.

An enigmatic, mystical piece from the popular Oz Abstract Temptation Series; the Eye of Eyes (Blue) ring bears a luminous human-­‐like green glass eye with a chilling , unearthly gaze.

Custom crafted in South England and encased in a chunky sterling silver base; The Eye of Eyes is a cool and distinctive underground item of quality jewelry.

100% handmade, available in 4 different colors and a wide range of sizes.
A unisex design that will fit and flatter any finger.

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Turntable is a cool, distinctive neckpiece for the loud and proud.

An Original Oz Abstract Tokyo charm from the world famous Underground Sound Collection;

Turntable is dexterously fashioned in the likeness of a classic turntable deck from fine sterling silver.

Each detail is articulated to perfection, from the spinning deck to each knob and mechanism.

 The result is an endearing and dynamic design; evoking urban culture and renegade beats.

100% handmade; available with a 60cm chain.

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Eagle Claw Talon Silver (M) Necklase by Oz Abstract Tokyo.

100% hand made in japan.

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More about this design:

An Oz Abstract Tokyo Original signature piece, this magnificent ring features a royal double-headed eagle bearing the emblems of power and excellence; a cross and royal orb. 

Carved and finished to perfection, this seasonless, powerful ring, handmade in solid 10 karat yellow gold, is offset with a prominent side crack uniquely set with a beautiful, made-in-Israel diamond of superior quality and excellent cut.

(All diamonds used for this model are privately imported and handpicked by Oz Abstract Tokyo. Diamonds are of excellent cut, VS1 grade and up only; guaranteed to shine forever).

The Eagle Royal is available in a range of sizes and recommended as pinky ring for men.

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