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This funky leather bracelet is a great all-season rock ‘n’ roll accessory.

It fastens with an easily adjustable sterling silver bead for maximum comfort and style.

Embellished with a silver lightning bolt charm it is a must-have piece for the cool and casual. 

Oz Abstract Tokyo original piece; 100% handmade from fine leather and sterling silver.

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This handcrafted wrap wrist band is fashioned from the finest quality leather; presented here in real snake skin with a soft finish and two cool metal studs. The luxurious leather ages beautifully and softens as you use it. 

A simple and elegant rock accessory; season-less and versatile. 

Oz Abstract Tokyo original design, 100% handmade in Japan. Available in Black, Antique Brown, Dark Red, Natural Python & Black Snake Skin.

Slight variations  in color may be occur depending on the raw leather lot used.

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Limited edition one-of-a-kind beads necklace by OzTKY. 

Featuring the Hindu God Ganesh as the center charm on a natural Onyx and Garnet beads long necklace decorated with white OzTKY skulls at the back. 

100% handmade from silver, brass and gold. Oz Abstract Tokyo original and unique urban buddhist necklace. 

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Apocolipto is a commanding and defiant earring set that befits an authoritative wearer.

It is finely crafted from quality sterling silver with depth and precision for maximum impact. It can be worn in a variety of styles to suit your mood.

Oz Abstract Tokyo original 100% handmade and available as a single piece or a pair, this is rock bling’ at its finest and fiercest. 

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