The Sacred Lotus Ring

Exquisite craftsmanship meets decadent luxury in this beautiful, one of a kind ring. The Sacred Lotus embodies its name with its unique, custom made design created in the image of the pure and powerful lotus flower. Each detail is intricately crafted and shaped around the dazzling centerpiece 1.2 carat diamond.


Nakayama "The Blade" Hidetoshi. 100% hand carved in ivory Medusa head netsuke. A true modern masterpiece. Superbly crafted by one of the best artists of his kind in the world. Incredible attention to details and finish. The face, so full of emotion. Each and every snake... scales to the head.



5am invites you to feel the exhilaration, the unbridled freedom of being alive, footloose and far beyond 'the box' of convention. Sauntering through the streets of Tokyo our young urban renegades are fully decked out in Oz Abstract finery; including apparel, accessories and jewelry from our many incredible collections.

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