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Inner Diameter
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After figuring out Your Size, simply click-out of this window and
select it from the size dropdown menu in the certificate.

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In order to convert your ring size into Japanese size (the sizing method we use on the site).
Please select your value, country size or measurement from the drop down menus above.

The system will automatically convert it to Your Size at the top.

The menus read Inner Diameter refer to the inner diameter of a ring.
If you would like to order a ring of the same size, please measure the inner diameter of a ring you own and choose that value in either centimeters or inches.

The menu reads Circumference refer to the distance around the base of your finger (just above the knuckle).
In order to use this menu and convert your size, please use a string of sorts to measure this distance and choose the value from that menu.

For countries that are not listed above, the Diameter or the Circumference menus are most recommended.

If you are unable to convert your size for some reason, or if you require any further assistance, feel free to contact our sales team any time. We are here to help.


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